Daily Card for 2/16/20 – Lady of Love

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While yesterday’s card was about honoring your grief, today’s card is calling you to look beyond the grief or whatever is missing in your life so you might find, acknowledge, and increase your abundance.

However difficult your circumstances, there is always better and more available to you. The only thing you need to do to tap into this abundance is to stop telling yourself it doesn’t exist or that it isn’t for you. Pour your love and light out into the world, make gratitude your go-to.

Give unconditionally to those who surround you without expecting something in return.

For those of you who feel like you give too much or that people are always taking advantage of you, I invite you to look at why you give what you do and if you are giving something of yourself that you do not have to give. Are you giving of yourself in hopes that others may treat you better? Maybe you’re trying to help someone who really needs to learn how to help themselves. If this is the case then you are not really helping at all, are you? Consider whether your gift is really a gift.

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