Tarot of Mermaids


Tarot of Mermaids by Pietro Alligo (Spanish)

The Sirens, fascinating creatures of the Imagination, take their place on the stage of the Tarot. This contemporary deck evokes dreams and sensations through both their graceful beauty and the classical symbolism of the Tarot. Give in to the song and let these cards lead you through the depths of your subconscious to find the answers you seek.

Did you know that when Persephone was kidnapped, the gods gave mermaids wings so they could go look for her? I didn't. Did you know that in the fairy tales of northern Italy, "melusine" or "anguane" were ethereal feminine creatures with the tails of snakes who live in ponds and swamps? I didn't. Clearly, there is a lot I didn’t know about mermaid lore before studying this deck. So I began the journey full of anticipation. The Tarot of Mermaids does a wonderful job of inviting us into the dark waters read more]

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