Some Things Cannot be Known with the Mind – Farewell to the Moon Reversed

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When something happens or we feel some kind of way, our first tendency is to analyze it. We want to know why it is or how to get through it, so we pick it apart and drive ourselves mad trying to find information that just isn’t available to us. Some things cannot be known with the mind, they must be felt.

If you’ve got a feeling that something is wrong, chances are you’re all up in your head trying to find evidence to support or discredit this feeling. Of course you should look into it but do not feel as if you need proof to acknowledge your gut because, nine times out of ten, you will not find it. You don’t have to have hard evidence to know that you feel uncomfortable or unhappy in a situation. Your gut is all the answer you need in this case.

If you’re trying to figure out your spiritual beliefs or find meaning for a paranormal experience, your answers can only be found by sitting with it to understand what it means to you. The scientific community stays as far away from these subjects as possible and any information you get from others is only their perception of it.

Take dream analysis for example. There are some basic guidelines that help us to decipher our dreams because there’s a lot of commonality to the symbolism within them. Losing teeth, being naked in public, these scenarios are common to most people and are rooted in our insecurities. However, we’re all as different as we are alike so there will be symbolism that might mean something completely different for you in comparison to others. Then we have our lucid or clairvoyant dreams that can be explained only by the dreamer and often times the dreamer doesn’t have the answers either.

Whatever it is you’re trying to figure out, it’s time to stop digging, at least for the moment. Put on some music and have a little fun to pull your mind out of the loop it’s in. When you go to sleep tonight, tell yourself that your subconscious will now do the heavy lifting on this matter and maybe listen to a guided meditation. Not only will this increase your chances of actually sleeping but you just might wake up with a solution.


Misty · September 6, 2020 at 11:24 am

I love your wisdom!! ?❤️

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