Red Goldstone Healing Crystal


Red Goldstone Healing Crystal ~ Stone of Perseverance

Red Goldstone Healing Crystal uses its magnetic and glittering look to resemble attracting abundance throughout one’s life. Because of this, many use this stone to symbolize success, perseverance through obstacles, and continuous abundance. Red Goldstone is also man-made. This stone is especially useful for those in finance or interested in the stock market. Its encouraging, motivating, and strengthening energies make it an excellent stone for planning goals and increasing drive. Physically, this stone can also assist with supporting healthy circulation and balancing one’s metabolism.

  • Associated with the Root Chakra
  • Symbolizes success, continuous abundance, and perseverance 
  • A useful tool for those in the stock market or finance
  • Provides encouragement through difficult times
  • Increases one’s drive to accomplish goals

Affirmation: “I continue to push through all obstacles.”

*Price includes one crystal in a mesh bag. Perfect for gift-giving!

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