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Step forward onto the path that is unfolding before you. You may not know where that path ends up but it is likely that your dreams or intuition tell you this is the right direction. Use your practical mind to… Continue Reading →

A perfect follow-up to yesterday’s card, this card drives home the need to imagine and visualize what you want. Once you can imagine it you can begin to believe in its possibility and take action to make it happen. If… Continue Reading →

The drawing of this card in the reversed position indicates you’ve been hovering around the doorway to something new but have been putting off actually walking through that door. The problem is, the longer you look at that door without… Continue Reading →

Yesterday we talked about awakening, the complete destruction of your self and world as you know it. It’s only logical for regeneration to follow. Your losses and failures have cleared the land for you to build anew. There is always… Continue Reading →

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