A Message from the Universe ~ Time to Shake Things Up

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A Message from the Universe ~ Time to Shake Things Up, Celtic Wisdom Oracle

Today’s Message from the Universe advises you to shake things up a little.

Something in your life has become a little routine or stagnant. Use today’s energy to breathe a little life into your relationship, career, life path, and/or long term project. Even when everything is new, you can still become entrenched in a routine or pattern that threatens boredom or apathy. You might even be so focused on doing what you’re doing that you do not see opportunities, resources and blessings that are available to you now.

You’ve been working so hard to make things happen and it’s now time to let the universe guide you. Ease up on whatever it is that has commandeered your focus and keep an eye out for signs of great things that look a little different from what you expected or wanted. Allow yourself to goof off a bit because your biggest opportunities are the things that make you happy, passionate, and/or hopeful.

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