A Message From the Universe ~ Creating the Impossible!

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A Message From the Universe ~ Creating the Impossible! Multiple Black Tarot Cards
A Message From the Universe ~ Creating the Impossible! Multiple Black Tarot Cards

Today’s Message from the Universe confirms that you have opened a brand new book in the story of your life.

You may have had yourself a small victory recently, possibly several. You’ve been working hard to create stability in an area of life that has been inconsistent for a long time. You did it, really did it! Forget turning the page or starting a new chapter, this is a whole new book and you’re writing it instead of letting it write you. Keep up whatever you’ve been doing and take some time to really and truly feel the positive changes you’ve created. Tap into that heart chakra and let your gratitude dominate everything for it can only bring you more to be grateful for.

What you gonna do with all this new? Take some deep breaths, know that the worst is behind you, and open up to all the possibility you created!





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