A Message From the Universe ~ See How Your Garden Grows

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A Message From the Universe ~ See How Your Garden Grows, Wild Unknown Tarot Card
A Message From the Universe ~ See How Your Garden Grows, Wild Unknown Tarot Card

Today’s Message from the Universe reminds you that seeds and saplings must be cared for in order to grow strong and bear fruit.

Opportunities and current projects/goals are like seedlings that need careful attention if you would like them to grow to their fullest potential. You don’t want to dig them up every five minutes but you also don’t want to just throw them into the wind and hope for the best. Research all the things and then apply them while paying attention to how the individual plant reacts to the water and light it is given. There may be some advice or instruction that is universally helpful but there are always outliers and unknown factors that could affect things a little differently.

Nurture, observe, tweak, repeat. Make small changes then give them the proper time to take root before you change things up. And don’t be hard on yourself, there is a big learning curve here as well as a lot of trial and error that will be necessary to find your rhythm.





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