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Fear is not just some big, bad monster that chisels away at our sanity. It is necessary for survival though, as with all things, there is need for a healthy balance.

Fear has been, and continues to be used, as a means to control the masses and in recent years it has become more and more of a commodity to be bought and sold for profit. It’s really easy to look at what’s happening in our world today and feel as if it’s all hyperbole because so much of it really is, but that doesn’t mean we should be writing off everything as propaganda. Some things should scare you, this is how we keep ourselves out of serious trouble.

On the other hand, we can make ourselves sick with fear over things we have no control over. We wall ourselves in to be safe from these things and end up starving ourselves of everything that makes life beautiful.

Let’s talk about the pandemic that’s dominating the media. If you visit my personal page you’ll see I’ve been posting a lot of memes on this subject, humor really is the best medicine! But this is a very serious subject and will be more serious the less we comply with social distancing and whatnot. If you know me you know I don’t comply with shit, but this isn’t something to rebel against, if you are wise, you will be still and look at the facts, leaving the fear-mongering out of the equation. Yes this is serious and needs consciousness on our part but the world isn’t ending, hopefully we will emerge from this mess with some much needed change to how we live our lives.

I was video chatting with a friend earlier and asked her why she was so “shiney” lol. I realized in the 20ish years that I’ve known her, I have never seen her with so little stress. She’s still got that crazy energy to her but this lockdown has forced her to calm her ass down and she’s loving it! I made sure to ask if she was going to take this into her post lockdown life and got a very enthusiastic yes.

Personally, I had my own complications previous to the virus that forced me to put my effort into working from home and I’m really glad I did! I think we really have an opportunity to make an enormous shift in how we work once this is over.

I keep thinking of how many people are working from home just because of the virus and I really hope that we work on making that a standard consideration once the lockdowns have lifted. Obviously there’s a lot of jobs that can’t be done from home but I think there would be a staggering improvement in our lives and environment if those jobs that can be done from home continue to be done at home.

Be safe and considerate of others. Use this time to make changes in your life that will lower the stress levels you’ve been accustomed to for so long. Learn, create, and share.


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