Breaking Barriers – Daily Card for 7/22/20

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Whose idea was this anyway? Men don’t cry, women should be delicate, work should consume your life until you can retire. You should want the 30 year mortgage, 2.5 kids and 2 cars in the garage. Put your dreams and passions away because they’re not practical and God forbid you express yourself in a manner that doesn’t reflect the role assigned to you by your society.

We are entering into the age of Aquarius my friends, this Sunday as a matter of fact, and this age is defined by rebellion and reformation. if you look closely, you can see people just like you breaking through the barriers that have been imposed on them since birth.

It’s not always pretty, those who are bound a little too tightly to these roles may be bitter and those who benefit from these roles will do everything they can to maintain them. It is for us as individuals to examine ourselves, our beliefs, and our limitations to determine what we want out of our lives and our societies instead of accepting what was instilled in us while we were children.

People all over the globe are realizing their value as living beings and challenging the outdated systems that hold them hostage. As an individual, every one of your own chains that you break will inspire others to do the same. You can start by just being you, not the you that’s trying to fit, but the real you. You don’t fit because you’re made to create something new and pave the path for others. True freedom lies in being able to be unapologetically yourself.


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