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How much of your life has been spent making yourself small in order to avoid confrontation? Don’t get me wrong, it helped you cope and survive at the time but you’re learning to take up space now, and I’m rooting for you!

I hear you say “I’m trying” but you forget, these are the big things that take time to work through. No, you aren’t trying…you’re doing. Every time you say no, it makes it that much easier to say next time. When you choose to stay away from those who cause you grief or drama, you are doing the “self-love” thing that people think is so difficult to attain. Every responsibility you give back that didn’t belong to you in the first place is a weight dropped from your shoulders and one less thing to spin around your brain.

This, my friends, is empowerment. You are learning that when you choose to stand up for and care for yourself, everything is better. Those who benefitted from your previous lack of boundaries will likely be upset but they’ll get over it. Even more, being forced to take responsibility for their life and actions is often the best gift you can give them. Life is more peaceful and enjoyable when you decide to stop carrying everybody else’s weight, and I think you’ll find that drawing and maintaining your boundaries will cause others to treat you better in general.

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