Daily Card for 1/22/20 – Gyhldeptis

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The other day I wrote about accepting all the parts of yourself, even the prickly pieces. Whether you like them or not, they are a part of you, the whole package.

Today we cast our thoughts on what those pieces want so we can better accept ourselves for all that we are. I mean, all those bad habits and ugly dispositions exist in response to needs that are not being met.

You may wish that you were better at keeping up with household chores but that mess is only a reflection of the mess in your brain, a need for rest or even inspiration.

You may hate that you are so jealous but your need for security and fear of loss are demanding you give them some consideration.

You struggle with addiction because it gives you a brief numbness that separates you from your trauma and makes you not care about your pain. People who come through their addictions aren’t just quitting a drug, they’re making peace with the parts of themselves that the drug helped them to avoid. They’re learning healthier ways to cope.

You may hate your body or your laugh. You may feel that you are more feminine or masculine than what is expected to fit into society’s expectations of what is beautiful and normal.

You see wrinkles and gray hair as a sign of lost youth and try desperately to keep them at bay. You forget, or maybe you never knew, that there is far more beauty and freedom with every passing year. Young people are beautiful but lack the experience that makes a good companion and a good judge of companions. They too will be wrinkly sooner than they think.

Your depression and anxiety are awful and maybe you might always struggle with them a little more than the person next to you but maybe they wouldn’t be as bad if you left the job you hate, the lover you feel is disgusted by you, or spent more time cultivating that friendship that has always been supportive of you.

You’ve allowed our fucked up world to extinguish the brightest parts of you. Time to fight back by accepting what is and addressing what you really need. Be unapologetically you.

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