We don our masks to show everybody how happy we are as we bury ourselves in endless garbage hoping to fill the void which our masks are meant to hide.

We strive to achieve what we are told is success while we move farther away from connection and leave an unfathomable amount of waste in our wake.

We pour every ounce of energy we have into our jobs, which normally contribute to the sickness of our society, then pour everything we get from that job trying to achieve and maintain a lifestyle that we were conditioned to want. If we are not financially comfortable, we live under the constant threat of losing everything.

Now is the time to consider practicality and sustainability rather than things that show our status to others or give us only a moment of feeling better. Now is the time to remove our masks and be who we really are so we can be open to connections that nurture us instead of making us feel like we have to hide.

We, as a whole, are broken and bleeding over our mother earth and each other. We need to come back to basics now more than ever.