Daily Card for 2/3/20 – Tara

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Feeling a little scattered? Maybe even a little more clumsy than usual? Overwhelmed and not sure where to start? It’s hard to focus on anything when we’re in the midst of the chaos in our brain and our surroundings.

Time for a brain dump and a body check.

Write down all that shit in your brain to help you purge and organize those thoughts a bit then give yourself 5-10 minutes to feel your physical self.

Get comfortable. Close your eyes, you know the drill, deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Really feel your lungs taking in that air and releasing it.

Say hi to your toes! They’re always there but today we really want to feel them! Tighten them up, release, and give them a little wiggle. Touch them, touch something with them, what’s it feel like? Continue taking those cleansing breaths and feeling each part of your body all the way up through your noggin. Make sure you visualize tension leaving on the release then a calming energy coming in.

Top it off by visualizing yourself as a tree, roots going deep into the ground and branches reaching high, pulling that sunlight all through you.

Take a few more good breaths and shake it out. Now, when you’re ready, take a look at that brain dump and give those thoughts a little bit of order. Just writing them down should have given you a little perspective, now it’s time to put them in categories. What do you have no control over? What needs immediate attention and what needs more time or information? Priorotize and schedule that shit like your work tasks!

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