Daily Card for 4/26/20 – Clean it Up

Published by Trish Nonya on

Clean it up! No, I’m not talking about the dishes and other everyday stuff, though that could be included as well. I’m talking about all those tiny little details that form the clutter both inside your brain and in your physical surroundings.

These are the things that seem mostly unimportant in comparison to the things you know need to be attended to each day. All these tiny little things left undone take up a ridiculous amount of real estate in your brain and add unnecessarily to your sense of being overwhelmed, but they’re usually the quickest to deal with.

This is the pile of paper mail that will most likely all go into the garbage. The spam emails that clutter your inbox, the giant to-do list in your head that would be so much less intimidating if you wrote it all down. It’s a stack of stuff you use regularly that doesn’t have a home of it’s own so it has to regularly be moved because its encroaching on something else’s designated space.

Don’t get me started on all that stuff in your head. This is the place where all that external clutter is born. Write it down, all of it. This is not a “dear diary” thing, it’s a brain dump it’s honestly one of the best tools out there for just about anything. Write down the things you need to do, write down the things you wish for, the things that bother or pain you. Putting them on paper fleshes them out and helps you to pinpoint what you have no control over, figure steps towards what you do have control over, and prioritize all of it.


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