New Moon Tarotscope, October 2021

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New moons are the best time for setting your intentions. and this month’s new moon in Libra asks you where balance is needed in your life. This is a general reading so take what resonates and leave the rest. If you’d like a personal reading, you will find my links below 🙂

Aries – Is your anger getting the best of you?

  • Where should you focus your intentions? This month, your goal is to find a little balance with how you deal with your emotions. You may be lashing out at others or using pleasure to distract yourself the slow boil that is occurring beneath the surface. Some of you are at a point where the problems you are having in one area of your life are spilling over into all the other areas.
  • What can you do? Create a contingency plan so you have a set of tools you can use when you’re in the heat of the moment. Your anger and other emotions should be dealt with, but you don’t want them to dictate your words and actions. You might take a walk, journal, bake a cake…whatever allows you time to vent safely or calm down. Once you have calmed down a bit, you can then take a look at the source of your anger and come up with rational options on how it might be dealt with. Some of you might benefit from talking to a professional. It’s always a good idea to check in with an unbiased person who might help you discover a new perspective or helpful tools. Remember that anger isn’t “bad”. It’s there to inform you and you can use it to inspire art or create necessary change. There’s a few helpful rituals in this blog: Rituals for Emotional Release

Taurus – Get in touch with your wild side

  • Where should you focus your intentions? All work and no play isn’t any way to live. We can get so bogged down or hyper-focused that we are completely blind to other perspectives or tools that would greatly help us through whatever we’re trying to accomplish. Set some intentions to let your freak flag fly on a regular basis.
  • What can you do? Anything that makes you laugh or loosen up your inhibitions, bonus points for trying something new! Libra is also a very social sign and I think that (safely) getting out and interacting with real people would be greatly beneficial to you at this time, even if you are an introvert 😉 Make a list of things you’ve always wanted to try, things that make you laugh, and people in your life that make you feel comfortable being yourself. Light a candle and commit to that wild person inside. Put that list where you can see it every day and pick something from that list at least once a week to help refresh you and lighten your heart.

Gemini – Stop giving your power away

  • Where should you focus your intentions? We have no control over the actions of others, and there are always difficult situations that we must endure until they have run their course. Your power lies in your ability to dictate how you react to these challenging people and situations.
  • What can you do? Take a hard look at the reoccurring or pressing issues in your life with the intention of understanding what elements of the situation are out of your control; pen and paper are super helpful here. Once you’ve got that particular form of clutter out of your brain, you can then see your options much more clearly. You might decide to walk away from that person that instantly pisses you off. You might decide to draw boundaries around how you allow others to treat you. You might brainstorm some ideas to help make that difficult situation a little more palatable until you get to the other side of it. You have more power than you think!

Cancer – A time of rebirth

  • Where should you focus your intentions? Change is hard and it’s easy to get stuck in the energy of what we lost. Sometimes we try to ignore it completely, and we often jump back and forth between the two extremes. Of course you have to process your emotions and that will take as long as it needs to. You might want to set your intentions to notice when you are dwelling, obsessing, or avoiding.
  • What can you do? Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. Observe without trying to judge whether they’re good or bad, your thoughts and emotions are there to process and inform. As with anything, this form of reflection takes time and practice, but it automatically leads to identifying habits and patterns in a way that helps you to find solutions and helpful tools. I want to remind you that a caterpillar turns into actual goo before it becomes a butterfly, so be patient with yourself!

Leo – Time to create

  • Where should you focus your intentions? Make and prioritize some reoccurring creative time for yourself. Whether you need to explore new things that might interest you, or dedicate time to your favorite creative outlet. Allowing yourself the time and space to create will greatly benefit all the other thing that are important to you.
  • What can you do? Scheduling time for creative pursuits can be helpful if you stick to it but it’s easy to downplay the importance of this very real human need, especially when you’re overworked. Instead of, (or in addition to) scheduling, tack your creative time onto an existing habit. Keep a notepad where you like to drink your morning coffee or evening tea or watch a “how-to” video before you scroll social media. No money or resources to create? Think again, necessity is the mother of invention so use your state of lack as an opportunity to create something helpful to you out of the resources available to you.

Virgo – Trying to pour from an empty cup

  • Where should you focus your intentions? Your work hard in every area of your life, with the exception of one: yourself. Insert a cliché about filling your own cup in order to have something to pour into other’s receptacles. If you’re burnt out, your workmanship starts lacking and relationships become more draining. Focus on making sure you give yourself what you need.
  • What can you do? First of all, go easy on yourself. We all need time to recoup and sometimes we need a little (or a lot) longer than we think. This is a great time to look at the responsibilities you have taken on. How many actually belong to you? Give them back to their original owner and see if you might be able to recruit a little help for some of the things that are taking up the bulk of your energy. We tend to think that we “should” be able to all the things but take a moment to think about whether or not that is an acceptable goal for any human. Listen to your body and heart to find the areas that need the most attention.

Libra – Feeling scattered or ill?

  • Where should you focus your intentions? You might feel like your mind or life is in chaos, or you might be dealing with some health issues that all seem to be coming from different places. The common denominator is you, so stop picking at all the little details and focus on yourself or your situation as a whole.
  • What can you do? Zoom out and look a the whole picture. If your health is an issue, understand that it’s all connected. You may or may not have answers to your condition right now, but you know what your body and mind need in order to nourish the whole. Pay special attention to the food and media you consume. If you’re feel like your life is scattered or chaotic, the advice is very much the same. Zoom out and try to see where it’s all connected. You might need to trim out some of the unnecessary things on your to-do list or you might benefit from learning how to manage your time and resources a little better. Learning to say “no” is going to be very helpful as well.

Scorpio – The “B” word

  • Where should you focus your intentions? Yup, I’ll say it….boundaries!! Get you some! Focus on finding where you need to set boundaries for yourself and others.
  • What can you do? Well you can’t control how other people behave, but you can certainly decide how you want to be treated and stand firm when others test you. This actually applies to how you treat yourself as well. You may know that you want better treatment or that you would like to break some of your repeating patterns, now give yourself the power to manifest them in reality by writing or speaking the words. Commit to yourself, you’re worth it!

Sagittarius – Lessons and Blessings

  • Where should you focus your intentions? You may be going through an awakening at this time or have made it to the other side of a particularly difficult situation. Your focus should be on reviewing what you have learned and applying or discarding that knowledge to other areas of your life as needed.
  • What can you do? The discarding part is the most important for you at this time. You developed tools to help you cope and navigate previous experiences and many of those tools will not be helpful to you in this new phase of your life. This new path that you’re on will require you to be open to things that your old fear will want to shut down. There isn’t much in this world that can’t be done if you stay dedicated and allow a little flexibility with both process and outcome.

Capricorn – Home is where the heart is

  • Where should you focus your intentions? You might not be feeling so great about the place that you call home and let’s face it, having difficulties in the place we live is awful. Focus your intentions on creating and maintaining even a small space that feels good to you.
  • What can you do? Start with wherever it is you lay your head to sleep. Whether you have your own sleeping space, share that space with others, or lay your head in a different place every night, what you see when you go to sleep and wake up has a big impact on your state of mind. Make whatever adjustments you can to your environment and bedtime rituals of course but focus strongly on what you see when you go to sleep and wake up. Whatever it is you dream of, have a visual representation of it next to your bed or on your phone’s home screen so it’s the first thing you see when you open your eyes.

Aquarius – Honor that sexual beast within

  • Where should you focus your intentions? Sexual energy is some powerful stuff and is frequently used to kick up manifestations. It’s the source of creation and inspiration but it’s stigmatized, demonized, and fetishized to the point where most of us have to unlearn at least a little of the narrative we were raised with in order to function in a healthy way. Focus your intentions on identifying what you or others think “should” be versus what actually “is” and enhance any manifestations you’re working on with at least one orgasm.
  • What can you do? This is another one of those pieces of advice that work best when you can write it out. This is where your shame and vulnerability become your greatest teachers. Now Aqua isn’t usually bothered much by the opinions of others but because we enjoy sharing this energy with others, it’s pretty common to let things like body image and social judgement pull us down. Write down your sexual habits and desires, then write down what you think others might think of them, then light that shit on fire. Now what do you think of your habits and desires? Are you using sex to escape or self medicate? Maybe you’ve already worked all that out but have been neglecting your sexual self because you’re overwhelmed in another area of your life or might be lacking a partner. Give yourself some love!

Pisces – Creating is messy!

  • Where should you focus your intentions? Being a creative person is seriously messy. As your mind and hands churn out an endless variety of ideas and projects, it can be near impossible at times to bring your ideas to life or finish projects. Set your intentions this month to create a process and/or environment that helps you organize the madness.
  • What can you do? Get those ideas on paper immediately, even if it’s only partially formed. Have one place where you write everything down then add a quick description at the top of the page so you can periodically file them under specific projects or creative outlets. If you tend to get messy while you’re creating, make the cleanup a little easier for yourself. Keep your most used materials in or on something that can move with you, keep a trashcan or grocery bag close to you so you don’t have to clean up a pile of shots you missed, and utilize the vertical space available to you. Most of all, understand that creation is inherently messy so perfectionism is not going to help your art or your creative environment.


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