A Message from the Universe ~ Soul Mates Reversed

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A Message from the Universe ~ Soul Mates Reversed.

When most people think of soul mates they think of “the one,” a lover who is meant just for you until the end. We have numerous soul mates throughout our lives so some appear for just a short time and they may be family or friends.

The reversal of this card speaks of a soul mate who challenges us by not being the ideal relationship we expect. How long they will be in your life is different for everybody but the gist is the same for all. They’re here to expose everything you’ve learned that is no longer serving you.

All the tools and coping mechanisms you’ve acquired over the years to protect yourself…

…the ways in which you’ve learned to interact with others, they will not work with this person. This might be an unhealthy relationship or it could be something that becomes truly good, either way is meant to crack you open so you shed the old ways and become more in alignment with who you really are.

These relationships can bring you to your knees so if you’re in one, don’t ask why this is happening to you. Instead, ask yourself what it’s teaching you. Maybe it’s teaching you to stand up for yourself, maybe you’re learning how codependent you are, maybe you’re seeing the reality of what you thought you wanted. What are you learning from this?

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