Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – Treasure Island (reversed)

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Today’s message is a reminder to check your vibe. The law of attraction is presented to us in a way that makes it seem mystical and almost religious but we can see it in action in our everyday lives.

Let’s think of it in the form an interview for your dream job. We know that the more confident you are, the more likely you are to get the job. If you meet your interviewer with shoulders slumped and self-doubt emanating off of you, chances are you’re not going to get that call.

Every part of our lives work in the same way and it all comes down to what we believe about ourselves and the world around us. If you believe yourself to be of little worth, you are more likely to accept that your circumstances will never change instead of seeking better, and you’re less likely to recognize good opportunities that do come your way. If you doubt the goodness in the world around you, every good thing becomes suspicious. When vibing at this level, the people you attract into your life are more likely to take advantage of you or help you to remain stuck because they too are unable to fathom better for themselves.

Of course, there are always exceptions but wouldn’t you want to be open to as many good opportunities as possible? Working on your self esteem and belief in better is a long process but your reward is not handed to you all at once when you’ve completed the work. It is handed to you bit by bit as you progress.

If you’re just having a rough day, you know that every tiny inconvenience feeds your frustration but you forget you often have a choice regarding whether or not to remain in this mood. Sometimes you need to go with it, lock yourself in your room, and have a good cry, but even then you are taking steps towards feeling better because you are venting your frustration in a healthy manner. At other times you might need to accept what you cannot control and make an effort to focus your attention towards something that makes you feel better or using that energy to motivate you in some way.

In the end, whether you are having a day, a year, or a lifetime of awful days, it is helpful to really know that it is within your power to feel better. Cry when you need to, crank some good tunes, throw down with a punching bag, sing, dance, create! Most importantly, there is light and dark to be found in every moment, find and hold your focus on the light.


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