Watch that Screen Time! – Temperance Reversed

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Feeling a little overwhelmed or possibly not “whelmed” in the slightest? While there are countless factors that go into our emotional well-being, what and how much we put into our bodies and minds can either aid or complicate any of it.

I don’t have to tell you to be moderate with substances or to watch the kind of food you put in your body but this is your reminder in case you need it. What’s really large in my mind right now is our intake of current events and social media.

Social media is not a bad thing, it’s a tool whose effect on your life will be dictated by how you use it. The same goes for watching the news, information is good but we need to be careful to discern fact from speculation. In both cases we need to limit the time and energy we give or pay with our mental health.

We cannot be all love and light no matter how hard we try. We get angry and sad, we have fears that the media plays like a symphony, and we don’t realize how addictive these “negative” emotions really are. We want so much to make a difference that we forget the nature of the tools we use and others that use them.

Now I’m not telling you to delete your Facebook and swear off watching the news forever, but don’t just take a break. Give yourself a small amount of time each day to indulge and consider taking an entire day off once a week. Remove people from your friends list who make your eyes roll with every post, you’re not obligated to be part of their darkness in any way. How can you give light to others if you’re feeling so dark?


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