A Message From the Universe ~ Divine Feminine in Shadow

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A Message From the Universe ~ Divine Feminine in Shadow, Multiple Druid Animal Oracle Cards
A Message From the Universe ~ Divine Feminine in Shadow, Multiple Druid Animal Oracle Cards

Today’s Message from the Universe urges you to examine your shadow self and find the strength that lies within.

Messages have been strong regarding the divine feminine and the quiet power it holds within. If you haven’t been making friends with the feminine part of your shadow self, then now is the time to do so. Some of you have recently discovered the strength inside that seemed to be dormant. This is the time to call on that strength. You may have been contemplating leaving a relationship, romantic, familial, or platonic…this is your sign to get moving.

Not sure how to do that or where to start? Start by making a loose plan, talking to others who have removed themselves from similar situations, or asking a friend for help. Sometimes the hardest part is just making the decision to leave. Do one thing every day to support this decision and call upon that divine feminine within to give you the power to stick to your plans even as they shift and take on different forms. We tend to think of the masculine when we think of strength and even violence but it is the protective mother that is to be feared as her strength is bolstered by cunning and the righteous fury of the oppressed. Let your anger and indignation be your fuel instead of fear, that’s exactly what it’s for.

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