A Message From the Universe ~ Energy Check

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A Message From the Universe ~ Energy Check

Today’s Message from the Universe asks you to reevaluate how you’re spending your energy and resources.

You may be putting everything you’ve got into something that is not ready at this time or just not for you…beating a dead horse as the saying goes. It’s even possible that this is the right direction for you but you’re trying to force it into your preferred timing or other parameters. This is a general reading so there are a few interpretations at play here but you know which scenario fits you and your circumstances.

Overall, there is an imbalance in the energy you’re putting out versus the energy that is returned to you. It’s time to pull your energy in for a little rest and reflection. Are you giving all this energy in the hopes of making someone feel for you or treat you differently? Do your gifts have strings attached? Maybe you have been receiving but make no attempt to give back. It’s ok that you can’t repay them with the same thing they gave to you (money, time, etc.), you have other things that will be most helpful to them. Take some time to examine your motivations, rest up, then approach this person or situation in a more suitable and balanced manner, even if that means withdrawing your energy entirely.

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Tarot of Mermaids

Check Out This Deck from The Mystical Moon

Working Girl’s Magic Oracle

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