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Message from the Universe ~ Wild Energy Needs an Outlet, The Faeries Oracle Cards

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Quick Draw Daily Tarot Card ~ Full Speed Ahead!, Celestial Tarot Cards

Balance and Creativity ~ Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card, Oracle of Mermaids

Why So Serious A Message for the Collective, The Goddess Oracle

Feeling Some Type of Way A Message for the Collective, Oracle of Mermaids

Today I ask you to think about how you use your energy. We’ve been brought up to expect that we should be productive every minute of our waking lives. Idleness is equated with evil and working ourselves to the bone… Continue Reading →

It’s easy to feel weighed down or frightened by all that is happening in our world right now. Things are changing at a very fundamental level and we are experiencing the destruction of what no longer serves us as a… Continue Reading →

This could, for some, actually talk about bringing new human life into the world. For others it may refer to your creative or business projects but this is a message for everyone. We are changing the way we connect with… Continue Reading →

Keep your head up and walk your path wherever it may take you. You will sometimes have to leave others behind throughout your journey, and they are often people you care for. As you learn more about yourself and your… Continue Reading →

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