A Message from the Universe ~ Radical Acceptance

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A Message from the Universe ~ Radical Acceptance, Queen of the Moon Oracle Card

Today’s Message from the Universe indicates that you might be in need of a little radical acceptance.

So what does that mean? it means accepting yourself and your circumstances for what they are instead of allowing yourself to be upset over what could be or what should have been. When I was younger, the loneliness I felt between partners was unbearable. I would step outside my door with the hope that I would meet somebody who would make that awful feeling become a thing of the past. When I did start seeing someone, they became the focal point of my life.

Here’s the thing though, That loneliness and desperation give off their very own vibe that turns off or attracts the wrong people. It wasn’t until I decided that I would “expect” to be alone for the rest of my life, that loneliness began to lose its hold on me. Of course, I knew that wouldn’t be the case, but that seemingly small declaration was ridiculously helpful. It helped in removing those expectations and allowing me to navigate my real life instead of the life I wanted or thought I should have.

With this little flip of the switch, I began to truly enjoy the time I spent by myself so much that anyone who came into my life had to add to it rather than become the thing that consumed me. I’ve since used this tool to get me through all my rough patches. Shoulda, woulda, coulda make no difference.

You are who you are and where you are regardless of whether you like it or not. You have the choice to accept what is and make the best of it or you can continue to suffer more than necessary because it “shouldn’t” be this way. Your self-acceptance will call others to you who can appreciate who you truly are. Here’s a little more about this tool:


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