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A Message from the Universe ~ Clean Up that Friends List!

Today’s Message from the Universe reminds you that your friends will grow with you or fall away as you level up. Chances are good that you…Today’s Crystals…

A Message from the Universe ~ Leveling Up Can Be Lonely

Today’s Message from the Universe reminds you that leveling up can be lonely. You’ve been trying to shed the habits and patterns developed…Today’s Crystals…

A Message from the Universe ~ Your Tribe Awaits!

Message from the Universe ~ Stand and be True

Today is a good day my friends! Even if you don’t feel it started out that way, you have the opportunity to change it. Weigh out your responsibilities today to see if you might be able to free up a… Continue Reading →

Even the most introverted of us have a need to connect with others on a soul level. We’re human, it’s just how we’re built. The majority of our friendships will come and go, sometimes even those close connections grow apart…. Continue Reading →

You may be feeling as if you don’t fit. This could be a feeling that’s been with you since childhood or you may have recently gone through changes that make you feel no longer able to relate to those who… Continue Reading →

“I’m still me.” This phrase may be true on some level but on other levels it is far from the truth. You have experienced beautiful and horrible things. You’ve been learning more and more about what you desire as well… Continue Reading →

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