Becoming Financially Stable – King of Pentacles

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This king, who is usually seen as a high-ranking person in business, was not always a content and financially stable person. He, like any of us, was at some point young and impetuous, unskilled, even foolish at times. He’s likely to have experienced failure and loss because he participated fully in his life. He is now what many of us would like to see in ourselves but he was at one point hoping for the same.

You may be wishing for a similar comfort and stability in your own life but maybe you feel as if it’s beyond your grasp. There is an element of wisdom gained through experience here. This king has used the years to not only hone his craft, he has used all that time to understand himself in a way that allowed his strengths and passions to guide and bolster his business ventures.

We live in a time where we are bombarded with overnight success stories and “kings” who don’t seem to have struggled at all. Those overnight stories are not only rare, it’s a general rule that they fall as quickly as they were born. You can see this with almost any trend, it’s popularity declines when the newness wears off.

If you are starting your own business it might be helpful to be reminded that it takes a long time to get established. Most people lose money in their first year and the next you might be just over that line and making only a bit of profit. Your business and skills will evolve over time as your customer base grows so don’t throw yourself into it and give up when you don’t see results a few months later.

What you need over all else is commitment, yes commit to your business but commit even more to your customers who will help show you what you’re lacking and what you do well. Our wants and needs change over time so your business should be able to evolve with the rest of the world. Whether its your business, your passion, or a ladder you’re climbing, commit yourself to it. Even when you’re doing what you love there will be days when you want to throw in the towel, keep doing it anyway.


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