Clarity and Overwhelm – A Message for Collective

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You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed or mired in chaos, unable to determine where your efforts and energy are best applied. A little perspective will bring much clarity in this case.

First, calm yourself.

It’s not always easy to pull yourself out of the emotional turmoil but learning to do so will help you to make sure you do not act out of anger or fear.

Take some deep breaths and dig into your self-care toolbox to locate the things that help to calm you. Highest on my list of suggestions is getting out to commune with mother nature, closely followed by creating art of any kind and listening to music. You may have to try out different tools when you’re not so emotionally charged so you know what you can do to calm yourself going forward.

Now, look at the big picture.

Zoom out and leave all the little details for another day. If you don’t see the whole then most of the energy you throw into the little details is wasted or worse, creating movement in a direction you do not want to go.

Start with the basics, the big things in your life. What is out of your control and what are the things you can control? What would you do if you weren’t worried about meeting the expectations of the people in your life or the society you live in? If you could do anything without limitation, what would it be?

You might have different questions for yourself or no questions at all. You may remember that you exist on a giant rock that’s spinning and hurtling through space at a pace that you cannot fathom. The goal is to identify what is truly important to you so you can just take the next best step. The details will work themselves out as you continue to put one foot in front of the other.

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