Daily Card for 1/15/20 – Vulnerability

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Vulnerability is uncomfortable at the least and often it’s downright terrifying. We are conditioned to believe that it’s a weakness but that is so incredibly far from the truth. It takes crazy strength and courage to allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

We are so afraid of failing and being rejected or ridiculed that we withhold our excitement, hide our hearts, and allow doubt to ruin everything.

Call yourself a loner and tout your pragmatism all you want but we as humans are hardwired for connection . We improve ourselves, our relationships, and our living conditions only by daring to put our comfort at risk.

If you withhold your love because you are afraid of being hurt, you’re making sure that love is not returned. If you withhold yourself from pursuing a dream because you doubt yourself, you’re assuring no movement in that area as well. The worst part is the miserable feeling of being stuck that comes from denying yourself all the opportunity to be had by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Everything is temporary. So what’s the difference if he breaks your heart when you reveal yourself or months or years afterwords? If you are rejected you will move on, if your feelings are returned you will have awful and wonderful moments for a season or a lifetime, but it will be a life, not just an existence.

If you would like to pursue a different career path you will most likely have to tighten your belt and utterly suck at it for awhile because you need to learn a different skill set. But what is the price you pay for not taking that risk? Continuing to just get by with incremental raises that don’t cover inflation, increasing anxiety because you hate that place a little more every day, exhaustion because you are spread so thin, and hopelessness, feeling like you will be reliving the same day until you take your last breath.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained so take a deep breath and make some moves!

*This card is from the “Oracle of the Mermaids” and the words are from my heart. You can find the decks and a growing list of other tools on Homehalfcrackedguru.WordPress.com/resources

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