Daily Card for 2/13/20 – Time and Tide (reversed)

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You do not have to believe in a divine entity in order to understand that everything we are, do, give, and take is an exchange of energy.

We have a tendency to just do what we feel needs (or wants) to be done without a thought for the ripples we create beyond ourselves. Maybe we do make a conscious effort to temper our effects on others and the world in general but we don’t feel like we can make a difference.

Any way you cut it, you create ripples. The kind of energy you put out is felt by others. The people who are close to you, strangers you pass on the street, the person you’re arguing with online who you may even forget is ultimately no different from you.

We consume and discard with a little guilt and even less gratitude. Hell, we may not know who we should be grateful to. I mean we all know we should be thankful for the people in our lives and we know that the more thankful we are, the better we feel, the better the ripples.

Thank the sun for its warmth and comfort, thank your water for cleansing and sustaining you, thank your belly for doing a good job! Things don’t need to have a perceived consciousness in order for you give and receive that energy.

Raise your vibration, so to speak, and make better ripples!

P.S. Whenever you get your butt out in nature, as we all know we need to, bring a bag with you so you can pick up some of the litter you see. When you pick stuff up, do it with intention and thank mama nature for not swatting you like a housefly!

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