Daily Card for 2/15/20 – 5 of Cups

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You may be sad or grieving today and for good reason. You may feel weak or overdramatic, you may even fear that once you go in you may never come back.

Well, you’re not weak and even if you have a tendency for dramatic flair this is a very real feeling which needs to be expressed. You may lose yourself in it but you will come back having nourished a part of you that needed it greatly.

Take time today to honor that part of you which is greatly feared and misunderstood. Scream, cry, bury yourself in blankets and watch sappy movies. These things heal and cleanse us so allow them full access no matter how scary and uncomfortable.

When you’ve cried it all out you will probably sleep a little better, that shit is exhausting. When you do go to sleep, be intent on waking up with peace and hope. We need to honor our grief but we also need to be purposeful in making sure not to set up camp in there.

Life is a series of ups and downs and we have good days even when we feel loss. The grieving process is not much more than making those good days happen more frequently over time. Tomorrow is another day my friends, but today needs our attention.

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