Daily Card for 3/26/20 – Owl

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This card is from “The Druid Animal Oracle” and the words are from my heart. Click here to learn more about this deck!

The owl reminds us of the importance of turning a disadvantage into an advantage and tells us that detachment is called for at this time.

It’s unfortunately very easy to get caught up in the emotional aspect of our limitations. We either allow them to steal our hope for better or we fight savagely to pretend they don’t exist.

The key is to accept that you have these limitations but to detach from them so you can see how to make them work for you or at the least show you a path that doesn’t care about that particular obstacle. You might be a pretty intelligent fish but you’re still not going to climb a tree because you’re a fish.

Give yourself a break. We’ve all got strengths as well as weaknesses and we live our best life when we choose to work with those strenghts instead of lamenting our weakness. What are your strengths?

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