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You know what needs to be done and you are being urged to stand up for yourself or others. Of course it will not be easy. You may be afraid of how others will see you, or that you might… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 3/6/20 – Transparency

There are things you hide from others and you have every right to keep them to yourself. However, consider what it is and who you’re hiding it from. You undoubtedly have very good reasons for keeping that part of you… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 3/4/20 – Time Out (reversed)

Loneliness is epidemic. We spend all our free time out with others and stay with shitty partners because we don’t want to go home to ourselves. We distract ourselves endlessly to avoid dealing with our demons while letting them run… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 2/29/20 – Mending

Time does not heal our trauma, we do. While all those awful feelings are unavoidable in the beginning, and periodically thereafter, we must be careful not to remain in that state of mind or let it dominate our lives. There… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 2/23/20 – The Singer of Transfiguration

Jackpot! You’ve been working hard on yourself and it’s paying off. Sometimes these daily messages resonate with some more than others, it’s pretty unavoidable when reading for the collective. Today’s card is a little different though. No, we’re not all… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 2/22/20 – Sharing of Yourself

We have all experienced dark and difficult things. While I’m not one to believe that everything happens for a reason, I do believe that anything can give you reason. Though we might not want to broadcast what’s in our dark… Continue Reading →

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