Daily Card for 2/29/20 – Mending

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Time does not heal our trauma, we do.

While all those awful feelings are unavoidable in the beginning, and periodically thereafter, we must be careful not to remain in that state of mind or let it dominate our lives.

There is no magic wand, no one moment that declares us healed of our wounds, it is a lengthy process and a collection of moments that see you just a little better with each of them.

The person who hurt you may deserve your anger but they will not be affected by it like you are. Your anger only weighs you down and keeps you from your peace.

You can also find a million ways to blame yourself but I think you know that’s not helpful either. It is done so woulda, shoulda, coulda does not change it and dwelling on what could have been only makes it worse.

Your healing starts with just intending to get better. Tell your brain you no longer want to allow what happened to hijack your life. You may seek out professional counsel or help from others who have had similar experiences, or you may choose to just step into each new day with the intent of having a good day.

The important part is knowing that good things are not just for other people. The universe does not pick certain people to experience these things. All the dark and all the light is available to each and every one of us, we just have to keep our eye on the prize, not the past.

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