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You might look at your life and feel as if you are at a standstill. You may look at the world around you and feel like chaos is king. You might even feel like it’s the end of the world,… Continue Reading →

This could, for some, actually talk about bringing new human life into the world. For others it may refer to your creative or business projects but this is a message for everyone. We are changing the way we connect with… Continue Reading →

There’s a time (often a few) in your life where the world as you know it crumbles around your head. This is your tower moment. It could be a devastating loss but sometimes it’s just a realization that changes how… Continue Reading →

Your journey to healing and self-discovery will not be like anyone else’s. Sure, you may find some commonalities with the paths of others and you can learn a lot from them but ultimately the things you learn from all others… Continue Reading →

Massive cycles and patterns are ending for the collective right now. Most of us are standing on the threshold of the door that is ushering in the new, possibly not feeling quite ready to step through just yet. Some of… Continue Reading →

“I’m still me.” This phrase may be true on some level but on other levels it is far from the truth. You have experienced beautiful and horrible things. You’ve been learning more and more about what you desire as well… Continue Reading →

Life is full of loss. People we love, our health, jobs we thought would keep us stable, and sometimes even the smallest of details can snowball into a series of events that places us on a different path. We do… Continue Reading →

Yesterday we talked about awakening, the complete destruction of your self and world as you know it. It’s only logical for regeneration to follow. Your losses and failures have cleared the land for you to build anew. There is always… Continue Reading →

There is an insane amount of people awakening worldwide right now and it’s not a coincidence. Challenging situations are known to cause us to question our beliefs as well as our place in society, and our current challenges are unprecedented… Continue Reading →

Everybody’s journey to self knowledge and/or spirit is unique so don’t cling too tightly to the experiences and paths that others have tread. As with just about anything, what works for one may not work for another. There are so… Continue Reading →

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