When the World as You Know it Crumbles Around You- The Tower

Published by Trish Nonya on

There’s a time (often a few) in your life where the world as you know it crumbles around your head. This is your tower moment. It could be a devastating loss but sometimes it’s just a realization that changes how you decide you’d like to live your life.

Most of you reading this have had your tower moments somewhat recently and are struggling to rebuild. I want to warn you against trying to recreate what you have lost because it cannot be recreated. You cannot retrieve what was lost so you must build something new in its place.

How you view yourself and the world is changing and it can be confusing as well as overwhelming. There are still beliefs, old habits, and ways of thinking that need to fall away. In short, you are in the process of un-learning all the things that were programmed into you since birth.

It’s a lot, I know, but perspective can be helpful here. This is a clean slate, an opportunity for you to create a life that aligns with who you are rather than what you thought you should be. Let the old crumble away as you emerge into your true self, the one that never seemed to fit the blueprint that family, friends, and society had drawn for you.


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