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A Message from the Universe ~ Prioritize Your Peace

A Message from the Universe ~ Break Those Chains!

Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card ~ Heart vs Head, Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet" Oracle Card

Peace is not the absence difficulty, it lies in our ability to accept ourselves and our world for what they truly are. This doesn’t mean we give up on creating change either, we just create from a space of better… Continue Reading →

Everybody is creative. We use our creative minds to solve problems, rearrange our living space, even to dress ourselves. Some of us even use our creativity to create excuses to avoid creating. Today the universe is pushing you to make… Continue Reading →

This card speaks to me of what we know that we cannot describe with words. We experience feelings, emotions, and reactions that seem to come from nowhere. We relate them to our sub-concious minds, our instincts and intuition, deities, ancestral… Continue Reading →

The healer appears reversed when we are blocking our own healing. Maybe you don’t want to let go of the pain or maybe you try to avoid feeling it altogether. While I speak largely of emotional pain, I’m also getting… Continue Reading →

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