Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – Ix Chel

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Everybody is creative. We use our creative minds to solve problems, rearrange our living space, even to dress ourselves. Some of us even use our creativity to create excuses to avoid creating. Today the universe is pushing you to make more time for creating in a more leisurely sense.

Everybody needs at least one creative outlet or hobby that is only for themselves. Work and family benefit from our creativity all the time but we rarely give ourselves that gift because we place it quite low on our list of priorities, if it makes the list at all. Here’s the deal though, nurturing our creativity in this way is necessary for a healthy mind.

Whether you paint, write, dance, sing, cook, color, knit, or build with Legos, you need this and you need it often. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not because even if you produce laughable results, it made you laugh, right?

The whole purpose is in the process. It unravels the frustration of the day and allows our subconscious to work out some of that stuff a little easier while we get to focus on something that brings us peace. It is the ultimate space to learn and explore, it’s the liquid that fills our cup and recharges us.

Make time, no less than once a week, for creative persuits and treat that time as an important appointment. Whether you need to find ways to create or find inspiration to do something you already know you love, carving out a solid time to do that is going to be more than helpful, it’s the first step in creating a habit that expands your abilities and possibilities every time you do it.


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