Message from the Universe ~The Battle Between Heart and Mind

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Message from the Universe, A Battle Between Heart and Mind.

Your desires tell you about yourself more than your mind ever will. It seems like the battle between the two is a never-ending story but the more you examine the “why” of your desires the more these seemingly opposite parts of ourselves can work together.

Though there is a heavy romantic connotation with this message, it applies to an endless amount of situations where you want something but your brain tells you it’s a bad idea. That’s what our brain is for, it’s excellent at warning us against danger and undesired consequences.

Your brain is not as much of an authority as you think it is though.

Often it’s just repeating the information that has been programmed into us since birth. It seeks the easiest way to process these types of decisions which is to put a good/bad label on these things.

For example, you may be involved with someone but you feel like you want to stray. Yes, betrayal is something we can all agree is bad but why are you feeling this way in the first place? Are you feeling less than loved in your current relationship? Maybe you feel loved but you’re bored. Maybe you’ve expected your person to fill all your voids which is impossible but you think someone else may be able to do better.

Basically either your true needs are not being met or your expectations are less than realistic…

…and it’s likely a combination of both. You might not want to discuss with your partner or leave because you don’t want to hurt them but they will feel something is off and be hurt regardless. If you betray them it will come out and that’s a whole different level of pain.

For those of you are single, let’s look at your feelings about that person you think is the one. Maybe they come in and out of your life, maybe they don’t give you the time of day, maybe they’re “just not ready yet”. If any of this applies, they’re not for you. Maybe there could even be a chance somewhere down the line but you can’t live your life waiting on others no matter who they are.

Why are you so attached to them?

Some of us are attached to the challenge, sometimes they give us something tiny to hold onto and we glorify it. Sometimes it’s just because having even the smallest thing to hold on to makes us feel like we might be a little less lonely, or it helps us to avoid having to put ourselves out there in a real way.

Whatever your situation, it’s time to look at what you really need. I can tell you that it’s far more than the person you’re thinking about. Do not accept crumbs when you need a meal.

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