Getting Through Those Low Times – Rejoice Through All the Seasons

Published by Trish Nonya on

Life is a mixed bag of highs and lows with a lot of filler inbetween. There is no “one day” that comes for anyone where things like pain and sadness become a thing of the past but how you move through your difficulties can make them easier and shorter while giving that filler a happier hue.

Now there is such a thing as “toxic positivity” that might make it easier to ignore or reason away your difficulties but it’s labeled toxic for a reason. We all know ignoring our problems only makes them worse. We need allow our feelings to process and we need to sit with our circumstances to work out how we’re going to move forward.

We can’t stay there though. Generally these are long processes that come with a lot of “low” time so you have to give yourself opportunities to take a break from the heaviness of it all. This is where things like distraction, gratitude, and self care come in, not to ignore your problems but to rest and recharge. Finding reasons to be thankful and opportunities to have fun will remind you that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. This contributes directly to your healing because there is no better medicine than laughter and hope.


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