Long Night Moon – A Message for Collective

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We are taught to fear the darkness. Things go bump in the night, monsters reside in the dark, and bad guys wear black. The Christian devil is referred to as the prince of darkness, and even cats aren’t exempt from this clichรฉ.

All life is created and nurtured in darkness until it’s able to reach the light.

You have unknowingly placed some of the most beautiful parts of yourself in the darkness so others can’t see them. You just don’t think those parts are beautiful because somewhere down the line someone made you feel as if those parts were ugly or somehow not enough.

You may not even know who or what made you feel like you should lock those pieces away, but there they are regardless. It’s now time to make friends with the parts you’ve kept in the shadows all these years.

Are you lazy or just expected to carry so much more than your own weight? Are you really a bitch just because you communicate your needs or stand up for yourself? Maybe you hate parts of your body because of social standards that are always changing.

You are a whole ass person, far more than the sum of your parts.

You have basic human needs but try to convince yourself that you shouldn’t. You have emotions that can help inform and motivate you but you let them control you or try to ignore them completely. This, my friends, is what creates your shadow.

Shadow work, aka self-development, is not about exercising demons. It’s about integration, balance,and wholeness. It’s about identifying your thoughts and behaviors as they occur and accepting them for what they are rather than what you think they should be.

Once accepted as they are, you can then figure out where nurturing is needed, where you need to draw some boundaries, and what healing tools are best suited to you.

Lastly, I know so many of you feel like there’s an urgent need to get this work done.

The truth is, it will never be done because there is always learning and growth available to us. Putting pressure on yourself is only going to make things more difficult. Relax, just be. You don’t need to dig if you can just allow.

Start trying to catch yourself thinking or behaving in destructive or even strange or awkward ways, then just ask yourself why you reacted that way instead of calling yourself an idiot. Something there needs your attention.

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