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A Message from the Universe ~ Someone Needs a Time Out :)

Today’s Message from the Universe suggests an energetic tuneup. Scattered or “forced” energy is at play today. You may be trying to rush…Today’s Crystals…

Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card ~ Slow Down and Pay Attention, Elemental Oracle Card

A Message from the Universe ~ Fruition, Queen of the Moon Oracle Card

There is a new financial opportunity available to you at this time and it hinges on your ability to communicate. You might be toying with the idea of writing for money or you may need to use your best communication… Continue Reading →

As with last week’s message, we are urged to be still at this time. Do not let your panic or the urgency of others cause you to make an unwise decision or a move for which you are not quite… Continue Reading →

Today is a day for patience and observation. You might be ready to jump feet first into your goals or you might be feeling that a particularly difficult person could use a reality check. Maybe you’ve even been patient and… Continue Reading →

Whatever it is you’re persuing, be careful not to rush towards it. In order to get what you want, you will need to be still and observe before you take action. Even if you’ve been acting you will still need… Continue Reading →

Be careful as today’s energies are high but quite scattered. You might have problems focusing or you may find yourself becoming a part of or even instigating petty arguments. Try to take your time when working on projects or driving… Continue Reading →

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