Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day ⭐ Double Draw ⭐ – Letting Go & Believing in Magic

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As we move through our lives many of us have learned to survive various traumas by building defensive mechanisms to deal with past or current issues and avoid new ones. We don’t dare knowingly expose ourselves to more of the same and our vulnerability feels like the enemy.

However, there comes a time for each of us where the mechanisms that once kept us from drowning become a boulder chained to our ankles. Not only do they keep us anchored in our present circumstances, they are sure to pull us under if we don’t remove them.

You are a different person than you were when you needed these mechanisms and the more you come out of your protective shell the more you build the strength in your spirit and the power in your voice. Yes, the world is full of painful things but it is also full of beauty, love, and magic.

I’ve struggled quite a bit with believing in my own magic lately. After 45 years of surviving, what makes me think I can survive financially by doing what’s in my heart, let alone thrive? That nasty voice in the back of my brain laughs at the idea of thinking I’m “special” enough to make any of this work. Surprisingly, the practical voice in my brain makes me ask myself “why not?”.

I’ve aggressively played by the rules for all these years and every financial gain I’ve made was easily wiped away by putting my kids first, health issues or even attaining better employment (think loss of health insurance, gaps in pay, etc). It was a very practical move for me to remove my financial security from the hands of others who’s sole concern is the bottom line.

Now the responsibility of my success or failure lies entirely in my own hands and the idea of success has completely changed for me. Half-Cracked Guru is just about 7 months old so my expenses are far more than what’s coming in. It’s unfortunately very easy to be discouraged at this point but I happen to know that this is why people give up too soon. I’m still really just surviving on the material plane but I am straight up thriving in my heart and spirit. I’ve realized that I absolutely cannot fail because the financial aspect is only a by-product of beaming my love and magic to the world. Every day that I write, I know that I have touched at least one person exactly where they needed it and there is truly no better compensation than the satisfaction of knowing you truly helped someone.

The world is full of magic! Our very existence is a miracle that science can’t explain any better than religion does. We are made of and surrounded by energies that we still don’t understand despite all those who claim they know the truth. They may even have the jist of it but how they view it is based entirely on how they’re able to perceive things.

Of course, my experience with letting go of what does not serve me and believing in things I’ve never even considered will differ greatly from your own but the essence remains true for all of us. Whether you’re stepping away from a toxic relationship or opening yourself to new relationships, starting a new business or even just stepping out of your self-imposed confinement, there is a need to let go of the fear and beliefs that hold you hostage so you can open yourself to a world of possibility and light. If you don’t believe something is possible, you guarantee it will not come to pass.


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