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A Message from the Universe ~ Spirituality and Femininity

Today’s Message from the Universe invites you to examine your relationship with spirituality and the divine feminine. We have long been…Today’s Crystals…

When drawn on reverse, the 7 of Cups indicates an imbalance between fantasy and reality. For some of you this means you might be trying to ignore your realty by daydreaming or something similar, but for most of you this… Continue Reading →

As we move through our lives many of us have learned to survive various traumas by building defensive mechanisms to deal with past or current issues and avoid new ones. We don’t dare knowingly expose ourselves to more of the… Continue Reading →

There is an insane amount of people awakening worldwide right now and it’s not a coincidence. Challenging situations are known to cause us to question our beliefs as well as our place in society, and our current challenges are unprecedented… Continue Reading →

This reversed Singer would like to point out that we are often the biggest obstacle in our healing path. We eat and drink things we know make us feel worse, we push our physical limits over and over without giving… Continue Reading →

Everybody’s journey to self knowledge and/or spirit is unique so don’t cling too tightly to the experiences and paths that others have tread. As with just about anything, what works for one may not work for another. There are so… Continue Reading →

What you believe to be the truth is in need of question. This is less about being lied to than it is about misleading yourself. There is no one truth. Believing that there is one truth shuts out important information… Continue Reading →

Imagination and visualization are a vital part of setting goals and making them a reality. The reversal of this card indicates you are imagining the wrong things. If you allow your fear to create stories about what could go wrong,… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 3/9/20 – Cultivating Prosperity

Are you cultivating prosperity in your life or are you just wishing for it? It’s available to you now but it requires more than wishes. Now of course we all know if we want to bring prosperity into our lives… Continue Reading →

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