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A Message from the Universe ~ Beginner's Brain

Everything that is good takes time to develop. If you’ve been putting all your time and effort into something, chances are you’ve done the math and determined early on that you could make this happen. It’s inevitable that you will… Continue Reading →

Stop Beating Yourself Up – 5 of Swords

Stop beating yourself up. We all make mistakes, we don’t get everything we try for, and there is always someone who does it better than you. Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes we get in our own way, and… Continue Reading →

When someone compliments you or your work, do you feel like you are unworthy of their praise? Maybe you are so proud that you refuse to allow that there might be room for improvement or a need for help. Today… Continue Reading →

You might not be allowing yourself to imagine anything for your life that is different from what you’ve already lived. You might even dream of great things but write yourself off as someone who could never experience them. Maybe your… Continue Reading →

Your willingness to allow yourself to be vulnerable is directly related to your ability to manifest what you want in this life. We build walls to avoid pain, we avoid doing that new thing because we somehow think we should… Continue Reading →

How can you love another of you do not first love yourself? This may make you feel some kind of way because of course we’re capable of feeling that love for another either way but when we don’t love ourselves… Continue Reading →

I think we’re all familiar with self-doubt. It rears its ugly head when we decide to try something new and hits us hardest in our most difficult times, spilling into other areas of our lives where me might normally feel… Continue Reading →

As we move through our lives many of us have learned to survive various traumas by building defensive mechanisms to deal with past or current issues and avoid new ones. We don’t dare knowingly expose ourselves to more of the… Continue Reading →

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